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Accessibility Web Development Services


ADA Accessibility strategy & planning

We make sure to comply with the ADA compliance rules while planning on building new websites for your company to mitigate damage due to any future shocks. Our strategy includes a detailed plan which encompasses all areas of web development like design, development, audit, mobile responsiveness, marketing & more. Our strategic services also include offering tactical guidance to those with existing websites & who need assistance with fixing accessibility barriers. Building sustainable and accessible websites remain the core principle of our accessibility web development services.

ADA Accessibility strategy & planning


Custom Accessibility Web Development

Our web programmers incorporate ADA and WCAG rules into building websites to improve accessibility and user interactivity. Our team enables your websites to offer optimal use of assistive technologies like screen readers while the users navigate across the site. They are proficient in using ARIA standards and rely heavily on following accessibility best practices. Our developers are champions in developing custom functionality & interfaces for your websites.

Custom Accessibility Web Development


Web Design and Usability

Our design teams are committed to building accessible websites by effective planning and strategy. We are committed to maximize the usability of your websites by visitors including people with disabilities. If you are serious about user experience and usability, designing accessible websites is the first step in that direction. Our designers understand the navigational patterns of your target audience including people with special needs. We have deep expertise in building modern websites that conform to ADA compliance rules and if you need help with redesign then also you can hit us up.

Web Design and Usability


Accessibility maintenance & support

One of the important facets of our Accessibility web development services is the maintenance and support. We offer ongoing maintenance services to repair any areas on your website that have accessibility difficulties. Our dedicated team has been helping businesses to improve their performance and security aspects of the websites. We offer both custom and comprehensive accessibility web maintenance and support for your company. By offering turnkey solutions, we deliver a fast, secure, and seamless user experience and maximize the site performance. Contact us if you need to maintain your site in the best shape around the clock.

Accessibility maintenance & support


Content and Accessibility

We are fully aware of the detailed WCAG guidelines to make your web content more accessible to people with a wide array of disabilities. We make sure your content is accessible on all devices and in all browsers and focus on not leaving any people behind. We focus on improving the accessibility of content by reducing any barriers that hinder their usage. Any comprehension barriers for the visually challenged would be resolved by providing descriptive texts for the purpose of assistive technologies like screen readers.

Content and Accessibility


Accessibility testing and compliance analysis

We want to make sure that your website is accessible and complies with the ADA rules to avoid both legal and business costs. We test your application for compliance and clean up your code where ever necessary. Our quality assurance team also automates certain tests to check the accessible elements and determine the ability of your website to cater to the needs of users with special abilities. Our web accessibility testing makes sure that your website can be navigated by any user without hassles. Our testing and compliance analysis are focused on improving the efficacy of your application.

Accessibility testing and compliance analysis


Accessibility Audit

If you want to know the accessibility score of your existing application or the website build by us, we would conduct the accessibility audit to make sure your digital sources are accessible to all. Our team evaluates the compliance and accessibility levels of your web application to increase overall customer satisfaction and avoid any legal implications. Post-audit, we also present you a detailed report of our observations along with the remediation strategy. Based on the reports, you can focus on improving your system compliance and provide an accessible experience for your website visitors consistently.

Accessibility Audit

Accessibility website development to expand your 
customer base and reach new heights

Value for Money

One of the positive spin-off effects of accessibility web development with Skynet Technologies is it is light on your wallet. We offer accessibility services at competitive prices. Also, you can expect positive returns on your investment by improving your audience reach which results in better conversions, and also avoid any legal costs that eat into your profits. Also, we suggest businesses start early investing in accessibility rather than fixing it post-development which is usually costlier.

Minimize the load time of your website

We fully incorporate the WCAG guidelines into your website that help it meet a wide array of needs. By providing accessibility features like high contrast pages, interactive elements, text-to-speech conversions, font options, hotkey navigation, and more, we optimize your page load speeds. These options won’t hurt your page speed as they are optimized for a better user experience.

Customized ADA Compliance design

We bust the myth that an ADA compliance website suffers from design issues. Contrary to the belief, we in fact strive to improve the user experience by building customized designs keeping the ADA compliance features intact. Most of our designs are personalized as per the client’s needs and are also user-centric. The customized designs are developed to meet or exceed your ADA compliance requirements. Our web design team is committed to stellar designs while taking the accessible needs of users across the globe.

Optimal Usability

Our web development accessibility services are meant to address the usability needs of every web visitor whether they are facing temporary or permanent disability. Our goal is to achieve an optimal level of usability despite the accessibility challenges the users are having. Our designers are empathetic to the needs of people with disabilities and provide human-centric designs so that all users can make the best use of your website.

Streamlined maintenance for the website

As part of our routine and ongoing accessibility testing and compliance analysis, we have streamlined the maintenance operations of your website. By staying on top of W3C updates, our team finds out any potential violations that may hinder the accessibility and also fix any other bugs that are found during the process. Periodic scans and monitoring of your website for accessibility also helped us to find any unpublished errors, troubleshoot instantly, install the required updates, take measures to prevent any recurrent errors.

Future-proof Your Websites

We make sure your website meets the baseline ADA compliance. This makes it easy for us to upgrade whenever the new rules roll-out. Imagine if your site doesn’t meet the ADA compliance rules at all, how difficult it would be to keep up with the evolving standards? By meeting the optimal standards, you can easily make an upgrade when guidelines change prompting you to make a switch.

Word-of-the-mouth Marketing

Accessible websites enjoy word-of-the-mouth marketing and reach more users in less time and this eventually translates into consistent traffic to your website. With a quality shift in your customer satisfaction, you can gain a competitive advantage and create goodwill towards your brand in the market. Your users would have sublime experience with our accessibility web services and these happy customers would be your brand ambassadors promoting your services at no cost. We help you bank on these verbal endorsements as well in your accessibility journey.

Drive Your Business growth to new highs with Accessibility Web Development Services

  • Drive more organic traffic
  • Outstanding User experience
  • Enhanced Usability
  • Improved Security
  • Ultimate Customer engagement
  • Increased SEO
  • Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Increased market opportunity
  • Improve business sales & Conversation rate
  • Positive PR Value
  • Broaden your user base
  • Boost up your business Growth
  • Long term profitability
  • Minimize legal risk
WCAG 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 PDF Image

The Difference Between WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 Checklist

The WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 Checklist covers web accessibility of all the content and is not specified to any technology or industry. It has created a roadmap to deliver a better exclusive online experience. The WCAG guidelines are helped you to address those with auditory, physical, speech, visual, learning, cognitive, neurological, and language disabilities.

Explore how to bring your digital properties or assets into compliance with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) by downloading our interactive WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 Checklist now.

Download Now

Accessibility Web Development FAQs

Accessibility web development means that websites are designed and developed for accessibility to all including people with disabilities. They should be able to use and access without any hindrances. In a way, they need to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web seamlessly.

  1. You can first get a website compliance report from a trusted company
  2. Then find out the feasibility aspects of your website
  3. Incorporate the ADA and WCAG standards into your website.

Web accessibility is important for multiple reasons.

Business Perspective - every 4 adults, there is one person with some sort of disability constituting nearly 26% of the USA. Any business cannot afford to lose this major chunk of the user base.

Ethical Reasons - Businesses of the modern age shouldn’t focus only on material aspects but also strive to carve out an inclusive space for everyone. By building accessible web applications, you are promoting diversity and non-discrimination.

Legal Litigation - Web accessibility is also important to avoid legal actions that are often time-consuming and tedious.

Your website should focus on the following aspects

  1. Make your content easily accessible by providing alt text for the images, including transcript for the media files, etc.
  2. Choose the colors carefully so that the users do not face any difficulty
  3. Proper headings to structure your content
  4. Design your forms and error messages for easy understandability
  5. Resizable text that fits any screen sizes
  6. Make it keyboard friendly without the use of the mouse, and more

Most of the web development companies take web accessibility as just a spin-off effect. But there would be some who make it mandatory and include them in their services catalog. To assess the capability of such companies, you can check their website and also let them conduct an audit to uncover the accessibility issues on your website. Based on the initial observations, you can evaluate the company about their web development accessibility.

Most of the companies take accessibility as a spin-off. So, whoever comes to us, we test the websites for accessibility thoroughly. This helps to find out any accessibility issues and fix them promptly.

Well, it depends on how large your website is. But we cater to both small and complex websites. You can contact us by sharing your details and we would let you know the time it takes.

Yes. We do offer accessibility web redesign service.

Web Accessibility automatically boosts SEO due to improved performance, higher customer satisfaction, optimized websites and other aspects like alt text for visual content.

Well, we can provide a fair estimate once we know your website requirements. So, please contact us and let us know the current state of your website. After a fair assessment, we would be able to arrive at a conclusion on the final cost.

Yes, we offer complete ADA accessibility web development services which includes ADA web design, ADA website audit, ADA Web Accessibility Remediation, ADA web redesign, ADA compliance mobile app and more.

The W3C has laid down 4 principles of web accessibility.

  1. Perceivable - Users must perceive the information and user interface components easily. For example, you can have alt text for the images that describe what the image is about.
  2. Operable - The website and UI components must be operable. People must be able to navigate your website using both the mouse and keyboard.
  3. Understandable - The content and UI operations must be understandable. They have to make sense by writing specific error messages.
  4. Robust - Your content must be robust enough for a wide array of assistive technologies used by the disabled to interact with your website.

There are some companies who along with website development include accessibility options. You can check their portfolio on their websites to find out whether they offer accessibility services. You can also try the process of referrals who can recommend you companies that offer accessibility package.

To ease your problem, you can check our website here for more information on our accessibility services.

Web accessibility is a win-win game beneficial to all the stakeholders involved.

  1. The website users would benefit by enhanced usability and accessibility of the websites
  2. Businesses would have a strong user base owing to its accessibility elements and can also avoid legal lawsuits
  3. Developers wouldn’t have to face complaints from the businesses as they have already incorporated the accessibility rules. Any updates can be easily included.

Yes. We do offer accessibility maintenance and support services for your ecommerce site. Our developers provide ongoing maintenance services to make sure your website does not face any downtime.

Accessibility web development entails optimizing the website for ease of navigation for everyone not just people with disabilities. It will have SEO benefits as well which includes improving the overall performance of your website.

All our accessibility developers are in-house who takes care of the accessibility needs of our clients. Both UI/UX design and development teams are fully dedicated to providing accessibility web development services.

  1. We take accessibility reviews and provide a full list of accessibility services.
  2. We keep ourselves updated with any of the latest developments.
  3. We do offer personalized services for our clients.
  4. We have creative and empathetic designers who make it accessible to all.
  5. Also, have a robust knowledge of the accessibility options and more.

You can contact us for further details to make sure your web development services are accessible to people with sensory or cognitive and physical disabilities.

Yes. We have ecommerce experts in our team who offer personalized services for our clients. We understand your requirements thoroughly & craft custom accessibility web development services that fit your business needs.

Yes, Indeed.

Get started with ADA Accessibility Web Development!

Let’s take a multi-faceted approach to ensure your website, application or digital asset is accessible and keep it in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Whether you want to develop your existing website or application ADA compliance, redesign your website with ADA compliance or require a new ADA compliant website, ecommerce store or an ADA compliant mobile app, you are at the right place! Contact us today and let us know your requirements.